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Wacom’s WILL Shares Digital Ink Across Devices



Digital Inkers take note. And developers of Digital Applications do so as well. Wacom is talking about its new tool, Project WILL (Wacom Ink Layer Language) which will essentially use Digital Ink as a language that can be shared across devices, applications, browsers, and essentially any screen that takes up the language. The idea is that regardless of whether a user is operating a stylus or using a finger, a smartphone or a PC, they can share the Ink across devices.


Next month Wacom will begin promoting Project WILL by distributing an SDK for iOS, Android, OS X and Windows as well as cross platform browsers and Cloud platforms. The hope is that developers will include the language in their applications making it easier to to share things like signatures or doodles across platforms and devices. Using a unique Pen ID, the language will be able to record specific pen stroke coordinates and pressure so that the Ink appears on the recipient’s display the way it was laid down on the originators screen. The Pen ID will also be able to capture a user’s identity with secure certificate signing. The SDK will naturally work with Wacom manufactured pens, but also with third-party implements as well.

Think of this as being able to write on a Tablet display and having the input show up on a larger display in another location. Digital Inkers of all stripes I’m sure can see the benefit of this right away for sharing notes, markup, artwork, or even just messages and scribbles with other users. The promotional video below shows some interesting examples.

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