Waikiki caricature artist uses a Tablet PC

My cake-making sister was out and about in Waikiki and snapped this photo of a street artist practicing his craft with a Tablet PC.

Even though he’s on the street, he clearly has access to a power source, running both a Tablet PC and a printer. I’d ask for a digital copy as well as a print, which is good reason to carry a USB flash drive around. Reminds me of the caricature artist I saw at CES this year

I definitely want to find this guy next time I’m back home. If anyone can tell what modelĀ  of Tablet PC he’s using, let us know.

Update: 90% chance it’s the same guy who runs this website called “Face-nook“. Depends on how many caricature artists in Waikiki use Tablet PCs. Think this YouTube video is him too.