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Walmart Black Friday 2013 Online Sales Won’t Match In Store Offerings



The Walmart Black Friday 2013 sales start on Thanksgiving and roll through the weekend with discounts on almost any electronic gadget you could want. Walmart is best known for in store deals but the company is planning online Black Friday sales that will offers some, but not all of the Black Friday 2013 deals.

The early Walmart Black Friday 2013 deals are available online right now, including a few iPad deals and a collection of HDTV sales, but the biggest Black Friday savings are yet to come.

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The Walmart Black Friday 2013 online sales start Thanksgiving morning. Unlike the in store deals which come with specific start times, Walmart is coy with the time Black Friday online sales start, only offering a vague, “early on Thanksgiving morning” time frame. This could mean a start at 12:01 AM as soon as the clock rolls over to Thanksgiving, or we could see the deals arrive at a more reasonable time in the morning.

The Walmart Black Friday Online sales are not going to match the hype and savings found in stores.

The Walmart Black Friday Online sales are not going to match the hype and savings found in stores.

Walmart boasts there will be “hundreds of online specials” during Black Friday and Thanksgiving day, but a quick comparison of “hundreds” that will arrive later this week and a comparable in store offer.

  • Apple iPad® 2 with Bluetooth speaker and accessory kit – $349 (nearly $75 savings)
  • Samsung® 40″ Class LED 1080p 60Hz HDTV – $379 (nearly $50 savings)
  • Xbox 360™ with Camouflage Controller – $139 ($90 savings)

Here’s what you’ll find if you actually go into Walmart on Black Friday.

With just this quick look you can see that shoppers get an arguably better iPad for $150 less and it is guaranteed in stock for the first hour. The Xbox 360 is $40 cheaper, which may mean no camo controller, but if you want to save cash look for a controller elsewhere. If you go into the store during the Walmart Black Friday 2013 event 2 on Friday you can spend $20 more and get an HDTV with a better refresh rate and Smart TV features. If you play games or watch sports that $20 is well spent.

The early Walmart Black Friday 2013 online sales don't match the in store options.

The early Walmart Black Friday 2013 online sales don’t match the in store options.

Even the early Walmart Black Friday online sales are lackluster when it comes to electronics. The iPad Black Friday deals offered don’t even match Staples’s discounts and rely on extras that most users don’t need. From an HDTV standpoint the early Walmart Black Friday deals look like Walmart is clearing stock of HDTVs from three to four years ago. Many of these HDTVs use the slower 60hz refresh rate which is what we used to see on Black Friday HDTVs, but this year the best deals are for HDTVs that offer 120Hz.

When it comes to the Walmart Black Friday 2013 sales, going to the store is likely the best option, or look at another retailer. Walmart will not offer the guaranteed in stock items online and the biggest HDTV deal isn’t available online either.

Walmart wants shoppers to go to the store, where they are more likely to get caught up in the rush of Black Friday which turns into more sales for items they didn’t come int eh door for. It’s great to see 21 items that will be in stock for the first hour, but the doorbusters that do sell out will leave plenty of opportunity for Walmart to sell a more expensive option to in store shoppers who can’t easily take advantage of a Best Buy or Amazon deal after already waiting in line at Walmart.



  1. Melvina Roselyn

    11/26/2013 at 11:40 am

    Black Friday last year was great but I might prefer to order stuff online this year.

  2. Shannon

    11/27/2013 at 10:43 am

    I will be on at midnight…and checking every hour, on the hour throughout the night. I have my eyes on a ps4 and I know I’m gonna have to be on top of it if I’m going to get one!

  3. Christina

    11/28/2013 at 11:52 pm

    I would rather hang myself from a noose than go to Wal-mart Thanksgiving day! I went last year for the first time not realizing how incredibly ridiculous the lines would be. Last year i found the same savings online. When I went online this time, there were only a few cool online offers 90% of the offers are in store only :(

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