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Walmart Black Friday 2014: What You Need to Know



The Walmart Black Friday 2014 sales start later today, at 6PM on Thanksgiving Day and eventually spill into Black Friday. Some shoppers will want to start  lining up soon to make sure they are in the right place to get an item, even with 1 Hour Guarantee deals in place at Walmart.

Even if this is your fifth time shopping Walmart Black Friday deals, you’ll want to know these details to make sure it is a smooth experience. First time Black Friday shoppers will certainly want to read on to learn the key details to a successful Walmart Black Friday shopping trip.

Forget the basic shopping advice like wearing layers and brining water and a snack — this is what you need to know about how Walmart will run Black Friday at each store.

If you want to be as happy as this shopper, here's what you need to know about Walmart Black Friday 2014 shopping.

If you want to be as happy as this shopper, here’s what you need to know about Walmart Black Friday 2014 shopping.

We’re already seeing some Walmart Black Friday deals online and in store this year, but the big day is Thanksgiving. The Walmart Black Friday sales start at 6PM on Thanksgiving Fay and you will find huge crowds that want the biggest deals out there.

Walmart wants to lure you in with doorbusters and the 1 Hour Guarantee deals and then convince you to fill your card with other items that only offer small savings over every day prices.

Here is exactly what you need to know about your Walmart Black Friday 2014 shopping trip.

Guaranteed Items Last for One Hour Only

Walmart offers nine items that the retailer promises you can buy even if the local store runs out, but this deal only lasts for an hour. You need to be in line before the clock strikes 7 PM and you may end up buying a ticket that guarantees delivery to your local store before Christmas instead of taking one of these items home on Thanksgiving.

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Three Main Walmart Black Friday Events

There are three main events at Walmart during Black Friday. Some items don’t go on sale until later in the day on Thanksgiving and others on Friday morning. Know when you need to line up for what items and plan out a second or third haul if you see the right mix.

  • 6 PM Thanksgiving Day – 1 Hour Guarantee Deals, video games, toys, clothes and More
  • 8 PM Thanksgiving Day – HDTV deals, laptops, sound bars, cameras, iPads, iPods, Beats and more.
  • 6 AM Black Friday –  30% off trees, Smasung HDTVs and Soundbars, deals on firearms, tires, Galaxy S5, LG G3 and iPhones

This setup allows users to line up at the right time and spreads out the savings so you can stack up on a few items.

Walmart Black Friday Wristbands

Walmart will pass out wristbands for hot items.

Walmart will pass out wristbands for hot items.

Walmart will pass out wristbands again for top items. This allows shoppers to know if they will get the item they are in line for, before it goes on sale. Walmart specifically mentions the Beats Pill, Nabi 2 and iPad Air. Here’s how Walmart wristbands work,

“Prior to the 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. events, customers need to go to the designated line within the store to secure a wristband for certain products. Wristbands will be distributed while supplies last. Customers can shop for other gifts throughout the store while they wait for the 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. events to start. Then customers with a wristband simply need to come back to the designated line within two hours after the event start time to pick up their product.”

This is a good way to double up on items, just make sure you pick up the product before the time runs out.

Some Walmart Black Friday Deals Online

You will be able to buy some of the Walmart Black Friday deals online, but not all of these items will show up on the website. Specifically the doorbusters and 1 Hour Guarantee items are in store only. This includes the huge 65-inch Vizio HDTV and the Xbox One Black Friday deal.

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Walmart wants you to go in to the store and end up buying more than you planned, so the biggest Black Friday 2014 deals will require lines, dealing with people and a lot of patience.

Walmart Black Friday Store Maps

Use the Walmart Black Friday map to find where the best Walmart Black Friday deals are.

Use the Walmart Black Friday map to find where the best Walmart Black Friday deals are.

You can go online to get a Walmart Black Friday store map that shows you where everything is located. This is important because the 1 Hour Guarantee and other big items are spread out through the store and will not always be in the department you would think.

Many of the electronics deals are spread through hardware and even out into the Christmas area and garden center. Look at the maps online, check them out on the Walmart app or grab one in store.

Expect Some Insanity

Even with all the Walmart Black Friday planning on your part and on the part of the store, you can still expect some insanity that comes from people who forget how to act when some deals start. The lines and sales will convince some people they can push and shove to get where they want.

Not All Walmart Black Friday Guaranteed Deals Are Worth Buying

There are nine Walmart Black Friday guaranteed deals that are part of the 1 hour offer, but not all of them are worth buying. You can find details about each of these deals, links to reviews and if they are worth buying in the slides below.

Walmart Black Friday: Are 1 Hour Guarantee Items Worth Buying?

iPad Mini Black Friday Deal at Walmart

iPad Mini Black Friday Deal at Walmart

The Walmart iPad mini deal may not be the deepest discount, but it is tied with Target for the best iPad mini Black Friday deal of the year. Walmart chops $50 off the price of the iPad mini and includes a $30 gift card that you can use on a future purchase. This combines for $80 in savings and essentially means you'll get an iPad mini for $169 after you factor in all the savings. That's a steal, even for the older version of the iPad without a Retina display.

Check out our Best iPad Black Friday deal breakdown to see how this compares to an iPad mini 2 and other iPads. 

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