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Walmart Offers $50 iTunes Gift Card for $40



Walmart is now offering virtual $50 iTunes gift cards for just $40 through its website.

The virtual cards are codes that Walmart will email to buyers shortly after they order the “eGift cards.” The cards are only available in $50 denominations, but the deal is the best value on iTunes gift cards so far this holiday season.

The previous best offer was the one-day-only sale that Best Buy ran when it sold $100 cards for $85. With Walmart’s sale users can get $100 worth of iTunes credit for just $80. Walmart’s sale also has the added benefit of multiple codes, which means users can split $100 among two friends or family members instead of giving away one $100 gift card.Walmart iTunes eGift Card

The only downside to the deal is that Walmart won’t send a physical card, so buyers have to print the email in order to exchange the code with others. Or, those who buy the eGift Card can copy the code into a card or some other card to give to friends and family members.

Like all iTunes gift cards the virtual cards from Walmart lets users by anything that Apple sells in the iTunes desktop app. That includes apps, music, movies, TV shows and iBooks. The credit will also work in the Mac App Store for Mac users who like to buy games and apps from Apple’s official app store.

Even if the gift card isn’t intended as a gift, $40 for $50 worth of iTunes credit is a great deal. It’s great for users who want to save a few dollars on an expensive season pass for a TV show like The Walking Dead, or just anyone who spends too much money buying app from the App Store.

Aside from Walmart the best deals on iTunes gift cards are at Sam’s Club, which currently offers a four pack of $25 cards for $94.96. That’s only a few dollars below the actual price of the cards, but it’s better than nothing.

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