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Walt Mossberg and the Q1



Walt Mossberg wrote a “review” on Samsung’s Q1 in the Wall Street Journal. John Hill from Allegiance Technology Partners was kind enough to scan it in and email it to us should the free link suddenly die. Here is a link to the PDF – 1 Mb.

Here is Mr. Mossberg’s take-away quote:

Unfortunately, the Samsung Q1 is so deeply flawed in key respects that it amounts to little more than a toy for techies. For everyone else, it’s impractical and frustrating. Unless the UMPC can evolve significantly beyond this first effort, it may wind up as a footnote in the history of personal computers, rather than an exciting new category.

One of his “flaws”– no keyboard. Next….

Based on his thoughts on navigation, he might want to check out the eo. It features a left and right mouse button.


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