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Walt Mossberg Discovers CRAPWARE



I’ve been yelling my lungs out and tossing epithets around about CRAPWARE for quite awhile now. in case you don’t know, CRAPWARE is the name I use for the demos, trial applications and other “goodies” that OEM’s load a new computer up with, that thoroughly get in the way of the OOBE being an enjoyable one. So, I was delighted to see Walt Mossberg’s article protesting about the CRAPWARE (he used much milder phrases) loaded on his new Sony Vaio SZ laptop. He got some interesting quotes from Sony about this, especially as relates to the slow boot up times with Vista.

His concluding paragraph says it all: 

Still, I wish computer makers would stop loading all these trial programs and offers on computers and that security precautions could be much less disruptive and more automatic. The first day of owning an expensive new gadget should be a pleasure, not a hassle.



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