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Want Official Galaxy Note Accessories? Samsung, AT&T, Expansys Offer Mixed Pricing for Accessories



Now that the Galaxy Note LTE has begun to become available on U.S. carrier AT&T, early adopters may be looking at ways to protect or accessorize their investment. Some accessories are cheaper on AT&T’s website while others are cheaper on Samsung’s website; Expansys pricing for official accessories seem to generally fall in between AT&T’s and Samsung’s pricing.

If you’re looking to buy accessories for your new Galaxy Note in the U.S., your best bet should be to shop around if you’re hoping to save some money. Official accessories for the Galaxy Note are not yet available through digital seller Amazon at this time, though Amazon has other after-market accessories that offers similar functionality.

The flip cover case is among my favorite accessory for the smartphone/tablet as it provides protection for the display when not in use to prevent the screen from getting scuffed up while in your pocket, bag, or purchase, yet adds very minimal to the device’s thickness. The flip cover cases are available in a variety of colors for the Galaxy Note. To accomplish the task of keeping the device’s profile as slim as possible with the flip cover, Samsung incorporated the rear battery cover into the flip cover’s rear side, rather than try to add another layer on top of the rear battery cover as many other flip covers do, and a soft leather cover wraps around to the front of the screen.

The flip cover retails for a steep $50, and is branded under Samsung’s “Anymode” brand on AT&T Mobility’s website. On Samsung’s website, the flip cover is available for $30. Best Buy lists the flip cover at a comparable price to Samsung’s which is $30, but doesn’t offer as many colorful options as Samsung or AT&T. The flip cover is available in either blue, brown or white on Best Buy‘s website. No additional accessories were found for the Galaxy Note through Best Buy at the time of this writing. Expansys offers the black or blue version of the flip cover for $24.01 and the white version at $33.21.

The one accessory that’s cheaper on AT&T’s website compared to Samsung’s is a spare battery for the tablet. The battery costs $40 on Samsung’s site and AT&T’s site offers the battery for $30.

Additional OEM-made accessories include an S Pen and Holder Kit ($60), Galaxy Note Desktop Dock & Wall Charger ($40), and Galaxy Note Vehicle Navigation Mount & Car Charger ($50); pricing for these accessories are through Samsung’s own website. The vehicle dock is $40 through Expansys and a clunkier version of the desktop is available for $46.00 through the online importer.

If you want accessories for the Galaxy Note, you can begin your search on Expansys-USA, Samsung, and AT&T. Let us know if you find better pricing elsewhere.


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