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Want to be truly mobile? Go solar. . . or wind. . or both!



The following is a guest article by Matthew Dillon

– Matthew Dillon

I love the idea of being tech-mobile AND not dependent of frequent recharges. So many of the cell phones or PDAs I’ve used in the past were feature packed, but really didn’t deliver when it came to battery life. HYmini might just help to solve some of those high voltage problems.

The HYmini is a portable wind/solar device that has the ability to recharge your devices and give you a little more juice. It is designed to give your iPhone/iPod, cell phone, PDA, or camera a recharge from its internal battery. It uses wind power (you might mount it outside your window if you have a strong breeze, hold it out your car when driving, or attach it to your bicycle) to help you achieve greater battery life from the gadgets you love. It can also simply be used as an external battery as it does collect and store a charge from a wall plug. The HYmini itself relies only on wind power, or input from a wall plug/solar-panel. An additional solar-panel can be purchased, called the miniSOLAR, to charge the battery of the HYmini. You can attach up to four miniSOLARs to the HYmini to maximize charging time. The HYmini in three colors is available at the link below for $49.99. Together the HYmini and the miniSOLAR can be purchased for $74.98.

The HYmini certainly looks cool.

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