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Warner Crocker is OUT OF CONTROL!



Ya know, you just never really know what someone is capable of until you get them into a Vegas club somewhere.

After a full day of great meetings on Windows Vista, we went out for a little night on the town, and well……, a picture is worth a thousand words.  We attended a nice dinner show called “Tony and Tina’s Wedding”, and our very own Mr. Warner Crocker was caught on digital film in a rather compromising situation that just begged to be documented.  He’s been hanging out with Splotch a little too much I think.

We understand that his wife is coming to town tomorrow after getting word of her husbands night life activities.  We hope to prove that Warner was doing his best to explain to this lovely lady the real merits of using Tablet PC technology, but well…, I think it may be an uphill battle.  I guess we’ll go out without him tomorrow night.

Man…, it sure is nice to be the one in possession of the camera.  It was fun while it lasted huh, Warner?

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