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Warner interviews a Tablet PC newbie



Warner Crocker has published a very insightful interview with David Maga – a new Tablet PC user. Many of you who recently purchased a Tablet PC will recognize his comments and insights.

Here is a quote from the beginning of the article:

When a new Tablet PC owner first gets his/her hands on a Tablet PC for the first time many things happen. I recently worked with a wonderful actor and musician, David Maga, (David is the one sitting in the chair in the picture from one of our productions) who took an interest in my Tablet PC and decided to get one for himself before heading off to do a show in Alaska. I asked David to do an inteview of sorts about his experiences and he agreed to do so amidst his packing and preparing to leave. I submitted the following questions via email and after the jump you’ll see his responses. He’d had his Tablet PC for about a month when he answered the questions.

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