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Watch Dogs Multiplayer Video Details “Fun” & “Repetitive” Gameplay



Fresh off the Watch Dogs review that Ubisoft claims is “false” a users with a retail version of the game shows what the Xbox One Watch Dogs multiplayer looks like in a new 24 minute video. After a slow start the video runs through multiple Watch Dogs multiplayer modes which he describes as “fun” and “repetitive”.

The Watch Dogs release doesn’t take place until May 27th, but a few lucky individuals managed to get a copy early and the servers are online so that they can play some of the new Watch Dogs Multiplayer games. Most of this video focuses on the 1 v 1 hacking where the gamer needs to install a backdoor on a another player’s phone without being spotted.

The Xbox One Watch Dogs video below shows several of these modes, and at about 10 minutes in the video gets pretty exciting with a failed hack that turns into an all out chase with the other player hacking the city to stop our gamer from fleeing. When he does escape he ends up with a boost in skills and notoriety.

The Watch Dogs Multiplayer video comes from WCCFTech, which posted a Watch Dogs review earlier this week after playing through the retail version of the game. This video is from the Xbox One Watch Dogs game, but the multiplayer should be similar across other systems.

It’s certainly worth noting that there are not many people online during this time, so some of the encounters don’t lead to much excitement and we don’t see the multiplayer mode where you work together with other players.

While driving through the city we get to see the damage that a car crash delivers. When the gamer crashes into a van it comes away with scratches, though parts of it don’t fall off in this crash. A firetruck next to the accident honks and attempts to move around our player.

A new Watch Dogs multiplayer video shows what gamers can expect.

A new Watch Dogs multiplayer video shows what gamers can expect.

While you are driving in the multiplayer world or walking, you can interact with the infrastructure to hack stop lights, power grids and more. While the gamers is fleeing a failed hack, he must swerve around busted steam pipes, police and other hacks to get away. At one point in the video, while trying to chase down another player the gamer blacks out an entire section of the city.

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Overall this is an interesting look at Watch Dogs Multiplayer, but not a full reveal of what users can expect because only a few people are online. There is a Watch Dogs app for iPad and Android that allows mobile players to hack the city against a console or PC player that didn’t work during this video. Once more players are online it should be easier to find other players and experience new game types. 

This video comes from the Xbox One, but users on Instagram are showing off early access to the PS4 Watch Dogs release, likely from retailers that don’t know any better or with a friend that works in the back. WCCFTech shares these leaks, but there is little hope of walking into a local store and finding Watch Dogs on the shelf early.

Watch Dogs arrives on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U and PC later this month. There are multiple bonus opportunities to get new outfits, skills and weapons based on where you buy Watch Dogs. There are even bonus missions available depending where you buy the game and four exclusive PlayStation missions, which should arrive as a in app purchase of some kind later on for at least the PC, and probably the Xbox 360 and Xbox One.



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