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Watch Dogs Reviews: Funniest Review & Hours of Game Play



Ubisoft has Watch Dogs reviews on lock down until the May 27th release date, but two new in depth gaming sessions show the closest you’ll get to a Watch Dogs review this week. Additionally Conan delivers the funniest Watch Dogs review you’ll ever see with a critique of the main character’s clothing, and the brilliant idea that perhaps the entire infrastructure of Chicago shouldn’t be connected to the same system.

Earlier this week Ubisoft said that the early reviews were false, and told gamers to wait for the valid Watch Dogs reviews on May 27th when the game comes out. This left many gamers wondering why Ubisoft won’t let anyone read full reviews ahead of the official release.

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The first Watch Dogs review that arrived came form a retail copy of the game and rated it a 7.2 out of 10, with a fun overall game, but the multiplayer component was both “fun” & “repetitive” according to the WCCFTech review. What stood out was the reviewer’s comparisons to GTA Online and GTA 5, which Ubisoft may not want gamers comparing until they get to go hands on with the game themselves.

Ubisoft is ramping up the marketing and promotions for the game including letting Conan O’brien play Watch Dogs, in what is and will be the funniest Watch Dogs review of the season. Watch the nearly seven-minute video of Watch Dogs Co0nan delivers a succinct Watch Dogs review after several minutes of hilarious crashes and driving skills that will make you feel good about your limited motor control telling viewers, “It’ll blow your mind.”

As close as you'll get to Watch Dogs reviews this week, Conan delivers funny and reviewers offer hours of game play.

As close as you’ll get to Watch Dogs reviews this week, Conan delivers funny and reviewers offer hours of game play.

If you are looking for more serious Watch Dogs reviews and you have a few hours to waste while you wait for the game to arrive, you can watch nearly six hours of gameplay from IGN and GameSpot. It is clear that these live stream sessions are not the Watch Dogs reviews from these two publications, but thanks to the narration you can start to get a sense for what the reviewers like and don’t like about the game.

In the five hour Watch Dogs game play video below you can watch as the IGN team plays through a variety of Watch Dogs missions and shows off the mechanics of gameplay. This shows Watch Dogs on the PS4 and if you crank the video settings up you’ll see the game in 720P.

If you skip around you’ll see a wide variety of gaming action inside Watch Dogs and get a better idea how easy or hard it is to hack various things and the challenges of some missions. At about an hour in you also get to see grenades at work. This game play shows off fast travel to hideouts and other locations as well as the ability to change the time of day by going to a safe house. Later on you’ll see how it is to stop crimes, go on in game trips to play through crazy in game games.

This is a good look at how the game will deliver missions to you through the in game smartphone.with invites to play online, picture messages to initiate missions and more. It is really interesting to see how easy it is to hack the environment. For many things like steam pipes, stop lights and junction boxes holding the square button on the PS4 will hack the item easily.

We also get a look at how we can chain security cameras together to hack around levels and corners by jumping form one hacked camera to another.

The GameSpot Watch Dogs game play session is just an hour long, but it offers a good look at the game as a whole. The players avoid any story missions and focus on exploring the open world of Chicago, play through side missions and more. The citizens interact to your actions. If you steal a car the owner will call the police and you will need to leave quickly or steal their phone as well.

The Watch Dogs release date is May 27th on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PS4 and PS3 and will arrive on the Wii U later. Check out the Watch Dogs features you can expect and learn where the best pre-order deals are.



  1. jsoftcheck

    05/25/2014 at 5:03 am

    Actually, the IGN video is really only an hour and change as well. They just looped it about four or five times for some reason.

  2. Matthew Zamora

    07/23/2014 at 7:26 am

    Watch dogs, WOULD have been a pleasurable experience IF i havent been burned out by games like the incredible Hulk, La Niore and the GTA series. The actual hacking was as must fun as making dish water. to constantly have games thrown at us that are nearly identical to each other with just a cosmetic facelift makes me believe these developers think gamers are complete mindless bags of couch spume with no life or taste. I would have rated this game higher if it came out a good 4-5 yrs ago. The only saving graces in my opinion, were the tiny arcade like trips and cash runs to break the boredom of aimlessly wondering around a city, just like you did in so many other games clobbering people just to have a different car to drive and still wreck the city because its barely controllable.also the privacy invasions were comical in a good/bad way. after running around a building and climbing all over it to unlock the intrusions, u get may 15 secs of funny footage to enjoy. blah , please spare me. save your $60, just play 5 other old games you got bored with and spend the last $10 on a firby.

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