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Watch in Agony as the New iPad is Drop Tested (Video)



The new iPad has only been around for a weekend, but we already have our first look at how well it can handle a drop.

In short. Not well.

SquareTrade, a company that sells gadget warranties, bought a new iPad and an iPad 2, and proceeded to drop them from waist and shoulder height, with disappointing smacks, cracks and groans.

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If you’re turned off by seeing a $500 gadget turned into a piece of abstract art moments after purchase, you shouldn’t watch the iPad 2 vs. new iPad drop test video below.

Both of the iPads fared pretty well when dropped on the back, but even a waist height drop is enough to do in both iPads when they landed face down.

It’s tough to see in the video, but according to the in person testers, the iPad 2 handled the drop better. Both iPads had damages screens, but the iPad 2’s was less damaged.

Why does SquareTrade buy and break new iPads? To show you how easy it is to break your iPad so you will buy a warranty.

Based on a survey, the iPad 2 broke 3.5 times more than the first iPad, with a projected accidental breakage rate of 20% at the end of 2 years.

SquareTrade and other companies, like Apple, offer affordable warranties for users who take their iPad out of the house. If you plan to use your iPad in bed and on the couch, you may not need a warranty for your new iPad.

If you plan to take it to work or the coffee shop everyday, on business trips and out in the field to work or play, you should consider investing in an iPad warranty, especially on pricier 4G LTE models.

Check out our New iPad Warranty and Insurance Comparison to find the best warranty or insurance option for you.

Warranties like SquareTrade are great for getting a replacement iPad if yours is damaged, but it does not cover loss or theft. We share coverage options that will replace lost or stolen iPads, but be warned, they aren’t cheap.

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