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Watch Out for Bad Black Friday Netbook Deals



Wow, I look at the calendar and it’s November. That means Black Friday is just around the corner and most hard core geeks know that means bargains are to be found. But hidden amongst the bargains are some clunkers as well.

Josh Smith at our sister blog has posted Watch Out for Bad Black Friday Netbook Deals, to help you keep your eyes open. It is worth a read so we’re linking back and reprinting it here after the jump.

By Josh Smith
Every year manufacturers and retailers roll out cheap one notebook and netbook configurations for Black Friday. Many times these low cost computers are alright for basic users who only want to surf the web and browse photos; but some cheap netbooks sold on Black Friday are cheap for a reason. They aren’t any good.

Case in point, the $119 Delstar 7 Inch Wireless Netbook 05 rumored to be sold at Kmart on Black Friday this year is a horrible buy. The biggest problem with this netbook, for most users, is that it runs Windows CE; an operating system originally designed for phones. Since this netbook runs Windows CE instead of Windows XP or Windows 7 like many netbooks you’ll find that many of your favorite programs won’t install on it.

Not only is the operating system out of date; the 7 inch screen, 400 Mhz ARM processor and included 2 GB of storage are reminiscent of the first netbooks to come to market, not something that should be on the shelf today. In fact, most smart phones boast better specs than this netbook.

Additional specs from Liliputing:

The Delstar netbook does have the usual array of connectivity options including 802.11b/g WiFi, 3 USB ports, and mic and headphone jacks. It has a 3 cell battery and weighs less than 2 pounds.

Unless you have been looking specifically for a Windows CE netbook you’re better off looking at the $149 Acer Aspire One that’s rumored to go on sale at Office Max on Black Friday.

This netbook comes with a 10 inch screen, Windows XP 1 GB of Ram and a 160 GB hard drive which all add up to a more usable and functional computer for only $30 more. If you are looking for a deal on a netbook this Black Friday it should have similar specs.

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