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Watch Out For Fake Microsoft Security Bulletin



There is a fake Microsoft Security Bulletin floating around the Internets so be warned in advance. The Bulletin (MS07–0065) addresses a supposed flaw in Microsoft Outlook. If it pops up on your radar don’t click on any of the links. Always keep in mind that Microsoft never issues security alerts via email.

I’ve ceased to be amazed that the malware malefactors continue to prey on users like this but have turned my amazement to those who must continue to ignore warnings and common sense about these things. In my busy work period recently I let my Junk folder fill up without checking anything until recently. The scams are ridiculous. Heck, if I totaled up the amount of money I supposedly had won during that period it would be well over a billion dollars. The whole thing just mystifies me.

Marc Orchant has more.

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