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“Watch out for falling clocks!”



Q1screenSears on the UMPC team posted over at’s Ultra-Mobile PC Team blog about Dustin’s Ultra-Mobile PC mixing it up with a heavy clock. 

Apparently he had a small clock falls on his Ultra-Mobile PC kinda day, and the results were not pretty.  However….., we all get to benefit from the display of the “innards” of a Samsung Q1!

Don’t ask — just go look at the pictures!  It is a rather interesting view of what the inside of one of these puppies looks like.  Not sure why the damaged screen necessitated a complete dissection, but looks like fun anyway.  Whatch wanna bet Dustin does not have to pay for his Q1?

I guess you could say that “Time caught up with this Ultra-Mobile PC !

Lol.  I crack me up …..

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