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Watch Out Speeders Cordon Will Have Your Number



Those who still labor under the delusion that there is such a thing as privacy in this digital age should just skip this post. For those who like to put the pedal to the metal while driving, you might want to pay attention.

Engadget is featuring a post that talks about Cordon and new automobile tracking service that looks to provide law enforcement with both a wide angle view and a tagged license plate view of every car that passes through the camera’s zone. The multi-targeting looks to be the big innovation here.

We’ve seen a large increase in traffic and stop light cameras for some time now, and I can just imagine municipality bean counters salivating at the prospect of Cordon’s technology adding speeding ticket revenue to their coffers. Apparently the cameras are easy to mount which makes it difficult for drivers to see if they are mounted in more discrete locations than atop stop light poles.

Cordon is in field testing now and supposedly will begin its roll out in 2012. In the video below a green tag means all is OK with the speed limit, yellow means that a car is traveling above the limit but at an acceptable rate, and red, well that means you’re probably going to get a ticket in the mail.

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