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Watch Samsung’s $11 Billion Anti-iPhone Campaign



The success of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy Note 2 is in part thanks to the massive advertising campaign that tallied in at 12.9 trillion won, or about $11 million U.S. dollars.

According to the Korea Times, this accounts for 6.5% of Samsung’s profit, an increase of 38 percent over 2011 and nearly seven times more than the Korean company spent on marketing in 2005.

The same set of documents show that Samsung spent nearly 12 times as much on marketing as it did on Research and Development during 2012. The large difference paid off as Samsung recently passed 100 million Galaxy devices sold and an insider tells the Korea Times that, “Samsung’s focus on marketing was the main reason the company was so successful last year.”

The Samsung marketing budget was essential in cementing the company as a solid competitor to the iPhone. While some of the Samsung ads received criticism, there’s little doubt they helped build brand awareness. When paired with the best crop of Samsung smartphones in years, the marketing efforts paid off.

The budget isn’t all Lebron James and James Franco commercials, it also covers sales promotions, public relations and sponsorships. This likely includes the large and over the top Samsung Mobile unpacked events for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in 2012.

Samsung could top this spending in 2013 with marketing efforts already underway for the large U.S. based Samsung Galaxy S4 launch event. In addition to the Samsung Mobile Unpacked event for press, the company is planning a Samsung Experience in Times Square. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors are already starting, which will likely lead to another Samsung Mobile unpacked event later this year. Add in the iPhone 5S launch and rumors of an iPhone 6 in 2013, which Samsung will likely mock with line-waiting ads, and the 2013 total will likely grow beyond 11 Billion.

The Sum of Samsung’s $11 Billion Anti-iPhone Ad Campaign

Here are a few of the most memorable Samsung ads from 2012, including Samsung’s Super Bowl ad, spicy S-Beam ads, a James Franco appearance, Lebron James making the Galaxy Note 2 look small, Samsung’s push the business sector and more.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Ad Is Spot On–5L_huhlV0

The first ad for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is nearly four minutes long, but it highlights almost all the great features and surely helped Samsung sell millions of the Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at Work

Samsung shows off the power of Multi-Window View, a Galaxy Note 2 exclusive that is on the way to other devices.

Samsung’s Anti-iPhone 5 Ads

Samsung’s ads for the launch of the iPhone 5, tout the Galaxy S3, sticking with the phrase, The Next Big Thing is Already Here. A memorable ad with subtle and not so subtle digs at Apple users.

Samsung’s Lebron James Galaxy Note 2 Ad

Only Lebron James’ large hands can make the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 look small. We’re certain that’s why Samsung picked James to push the Galaxy Note 2 in one of the device’s most memorable ads.

Samsung S-Beam Naughty video Ad

This short ad for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 highlights the ability to quickly share videos with another Samsung device by tapping the backs. Instead of going for bland, Samsung spices things up with a naughty video being shared between husband and wife.

Samsung’s Creepy Santa Ad

Samsung turned to Santa and Mrs. Claus in this holiday Samsung Galaxy S3 ad, which came across much creepier than the original.

Galaxy Note 10.1 Ad with James Franco

Samsung tasks James Franco with sharing his creative side and highlighting the productivity and multi-tasking features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Infamous It Doesn’t Take a Genius Ad

It Doesn't Take a Genius Samsung Ad

Samsung kicked off a firestorm, and a host of fan remakes when it ran a full page print ad for the Galaxy S3. The It’ Doesn’t Take a Genius remixes proved more popular and memorable than the original.

Samsung’s Super Bowl Ad

It seems like a decade ago, but the Samsung Galaxy Note ad with The Darkness and I Believe in a Thing Called Love hit the airwaves for last year’s Super Bowl.

What’s ahead for 2013?

In 2013, we’ve already seen the launch of the Unicorn Apocalypse ad series and a big, Super Bowl ad with Seth Rogen Paul Rudd and Lebron James.

We expect a flood of ads, which have already started with a mysterious Samsung Galaxy S4 teaser trailer.

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1 Comment

  1. techlover1

    03/06/2013 at 2:52 pm

    I believe in the words, that always win the best/better.and so everyone knows that Samsung galaxy s3 generally is better than iphone 5 (more value for money).so that is all finally, Samsung did the right thing! , because generally galaxy s3 is better than the iphone 5, and cheaper as well, so everyone must understand this!.Samsung did the right thing!

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