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Watch The Samsung Galaxy S III Announcement



Yesterday Samsung announced the Galaxy S III at an event in London, which Samsung also streamed live on the web. Today we have a recording of the full presentation.

Samsung covered a lot of Galaxy S III information during the presentation, but left out a few details.

Samsung spent a lot of time talking about how the phone was “Designed for Humans,” with its eye tracking technology and a Siri competitor called S-Voice. Samsung didn’t focus on the specs of the phone, instead focusing on software features.

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For some reason Samsung made no mention of its partnerships with Dropbox or Flipboard in the presentation. The company didn’t show anything that wasn’t a Samsung product. It is possible, however, that we just missed those announcements in the frenetic presentation.

While Samsung is capable of making a high-end smartphone with some exciting software, it isn’t able to put together a coherent presentation. Samsung mentioned features multiple times before they’re explained, briefly mentioned accessories like the S Pebble with no explanation, and there was no easy flow from feature to feature. Even the short video clips that Samsung showed had nothing but buzzwords that weren’t fully explained.

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Samsung did get some of the most important information out through the presentation, however. Samsung announced the Galaxy S III is coming to Europe on May 29. The announcement for the U.S. was summer, though the big screen shows the release date as June. We also know that Samsung will bring the Galaxy S III on a “world tour” starting May 29 before it reaches the U.S. and other regions.

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Ae you more excited about the Galaxy S III or less, now that the details are out.

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