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WaterField Designs Nexus 7 Slip Case Review



The WaterField Designs Nexus 7 Slip Case gives users of the new Android tablet form Google and Asus a high quality sleeve case for the new 7-inch Android tablet.

As I stated in the review of the WaterField Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case, Sleeve cases need to fit well and look nice as they protect the tablet housed inside. Like their other sleeve cases I’ve reviewed, the WaterField Designs Google Nexus 7 Slip Case measures up in all three categories all for a good price. For only $29 users will get a premium case that doesn’t add much width.

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Fit and Look

waterfield designs nexus 7 slip case

WaterField Designs cases hide the stitching and come with a home-made look and a nice finish. They sew them together in San Francisco, which earns a “made-in-the-USA” tag.

With the Slip Case the buyer gets a nice thin case that keeps the screen and housing from getting scratched whether the user carries it in her hand or a computer bag.

The inside lining protects the screen and the casing of the Nexus 7 thanks to interior scratch-free liner. The impact resistant material used gives the user peace of mind since we’re carrying around a sheet of glass. Put a little pressure on the outside of the case as one pulls out the tablet and the lining will wipe the screen clean from debris and some of the fingerprints that build up from use.

waterfield designs slip case and smart case

The WaterField Designs Slip Case (left) and Smart Case (right)

Use the tabs on the bottom of these cases to help slide the Nexus 7 Tablet out of the case. A quick tug and out it comes. The case hugs the tablet tight enough that it won’t slip out easily and fall out on the floor or ground.

Quality and Value

WaterField Designs makes their cases with nice material. The company stitches them together carefully meaning I’ve never gotten one with a bad sewing job. Every one offers excellent quality.

Most Nexus 7 cases I’ve looked at seem to cost between $20 and $40 on average, putting this case right in the middle at $29.

WaterField Designs Nexus 7 Slip Case gives buyers a really nice and attractive case that functions well. If you’re looking for a great sleeve style case, then you must give this one a look.

WaterField Designs sells the case for $29 in Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Red or Silver. I really liked the Blue one I reviewed.

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