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WaterField Designs Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Review



We got a look at a two WaterField Designs Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases. The Hint Wallet and the Suede Jacket each offer no frills, snug fitting sleeve style cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Sadly, one doesn’t measure up to what we’ve come to expect from the company, while the other did.

The Suede Jacket sells for $10 or $14, depending on whether the user gets one without or with the external mesh pocket. The versions for the plain Samsung Galaxy S4 will fit either the phone naked or with a bumper. The version we tested, with the pocket, costs $14.

waterfield designs suede jacket

The Suede Jacket looks like little more than a form-fitting sock for the Galaxy S4. When we say form-fitting, we mean it. The case fits snug. We struggled to slide the phone into the Suede Jacket and to remove the phone once inside. It’s hard to keep from rejecting a call while removing the phone from the case. Who likes calling people back and apologizing for hitting the wrong button when the person calls? In the video below, Gary from WaterField Designs explains that the case will loosen up after use. We gave up before we got to that point.

We like the back pocket and, thanks to plenty of experience testing WaterField Designs products, we know it will hold up over time. We just wish it started out a little more loose. At only $10, users who like the idea of a sock for their phone can give it a try without giving up too much.

waterfield designs hint wallet

The company’s other sleeve, the Hint Wallet ($25 direct), includes a clear plastic window and comes with an attractive brown distressed leather. They also make one in black leather.

On the back of the Hint Wallet a mesh pocket holds earbuds, some cash or credit cards. The window lets users quickly see who’s calling or texting without removing the phone, alleviating the problem we had with the Suede Jacket.

The folks at WaterField Designs explained that the case shouldn’t hold the phone 100% of the time. Use it like a sleeve, which protects the phone when not in use. The window of the Hint Wallet lets users make and receive calls without taking the phone out, much like they might with Samsung’s flip cases, which come with a window in the cover.

hint wallet front

We like the Hint Wallet much more than the Suede Jacket. At first we wanted to use it with the case inside the Hint Wallet all the time. Since the plastic window doesn’t stay flat on the screen of the S4, this doesn’t work. When we learned they never intended uses to use it this way, we warmed up to the Hint Wallet and like it more.

People who prefer a sleeve will like the Hint Wallet. It looks good and feels like it will last. The pocket might make a regular wallet obsolete.

WaterField Designs recommends getting it with the Smartphone Travel Case ($35-$39 in 6 colors). The case holds the phone and all the accessories someone might need.



  1. Waterfield Designs (@SFBags)

    07/01/2013 at 11:22 am

    Hi Kevin,

    Sounds like we may have made the Suede Jacket a bit too tight. (Were you using a bumper case on your S4?) This is valuable feedback for us, as we can adjust the tightness on our pattern. Our Suede Jackets are one of our top sellers so we want to make sure we get this one right too.

    Thanks for taking a look!


  2. Waterfield Designs (@SFBags)

    07/01/2013 at 12:19 pm

    One last question – Does removing it the way Gary does in the video help? Perhaps you got one that is just a bit tighter for some reason?

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