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WaterField Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case Review



The WaterField Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case fits the diminutive tablet like a glove and gives the user a nice pocket for a charger or other belongings making it a great choice to protect the new 7-inch Android tablet.

Sleeve cases need to fit well and look nice as they protect the tablet housed inside. With the Smart Case from WaterField Designs, Nexus 7 users get all three, but it will cost you nearly a third the price of the device. I can forgive them for the price thanks to the quality and feel of this premium case.

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Fit and Look

waterfield designs smart case

As I said above, the WaterField Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case fits the Nexus 7 like a glove. My Nexus 7 slides in well, but even while holding it upside down the tablet doesn’t easily slide out. That’s a good thing since a user might accidentally hold the tablet in the case with the opening facing down. By the time the tablet starts to slip out, the user should notice and keep his or her tablet from falling to the ground and breaking.

waterfield designs smart case fit

WaterField Designs cases offer a special style that delivers a kind of home-made look. I don’t see the stitching giving it a nice finished look. They sew them together in San Francisco, which means the “made-in-the-USA” crowd will feel good about throwing their cash WaterField Designs’ way.

The WaterField Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case offers a multi-layered padding to keep the screen safe while housed inside. One of the layers includes a rigid insert.

The inside lining protects the screen and the casing of the Nexus 7 thanks to the Ultrasuede scratch-free liner. Put a little pressure on the outside of the case as one pulls out the tablet and the lining will wipe the screen clean from debris and some of the fingerprints that build up from use.

waterfield designs smart case pocket

The outer pocket made of mesh will hold small accessories like a USB cable, a stylus and some personal papers or cards. I use it carry my phone.

Quality and Value

I doubt anyone would complain that WaterField Designs makes their cases with shoddy material or stitches them together carelessly. I’ve reviewed a bunch of them and every one offered excellent quality. Some might complain about the cost. Housing a $500 iPad in a $60 case doesn’t feel as expensive as carrying a $200 Nexus 7 in a case costing nearly a third the price of the tablet. Most Nexus 7 cases I’ve looked at seem to cost closer to $20-$40 on average. So buyers will have to decide if they want to pay extra for a premium case.

Without considering the cost, the WaterField Designs Nexus 7 Smart Case still offers a high-quality case that looks nice and works well. But due to the price, I must drop my recommendation from a “definite buy” to “give it a look”.

WaterField Designs offer the $59 Smart Case in multiple colors, including the Flame color I reviewed. Other colors offered include Black, Copper, Green, Pearl and Pine. The Pine or Black look the best.

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