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WaterField Designs Staad Attache Review



The new WaterField Designs Staad Attache holds an ultra-thin 12-13-inch laptop, the new iPad Pro or Surface Pro 4 with some class and the same WaterField Designs quality that we’ve experienced with past bags and cases we’ve reviewed.

The WaterField Designs Staad Attache comes in one size that holds up to a 13-inch device. The inside pocket that holds the tablet or computer isn’t thick enough to encase a thicker laptop. A 13-inch MacBook Air or the 12-inch MacBook with Retina will fit perfectly. I carry my iPad Pro or Surface Pro 4 in it and sometimes both, thanks to the larger compartment.

WaterField Designs Staad Attache Design

Inside, we also find two pockets for accessories. The Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Bluetooth mouse fits perfectly with room for a the iPad Pro charging cable/brick. I use the other pocket for USB cables plus a set of earbuds. A lot of people will put their smart phone in one of these two pockets. The iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 both fit perfectly.

The attaché makes sense as an iPad Pro or Surface Pro 4 case because it has two pen holders.

On the front of the WaterField Designs Staad Attache, there’s a large compartment. It opens vertically on both the right and left sides of the compartment, thanks to two zippers. There’s also a tiny pocket inside the compartment for smaller items. I use it for the Surface Pro 4 pen tips box and some alcohol-free screen wipes.

The front compartment is big enough to hold a MacBook Pro charger and a Surface Pro 4 charger although it’s a snug fit. In other words, it’s pretty spacious.

The WaterField Designs Staad Attache comes in multiple material and color combinations (see slide show above). Buyers can get one with Chocolate Leather, Grizzly Leather or Black Leather on the flap. There’s also leather on the handle. The body of the bag comes in Waxed Canvas or Ballistic Nylon. Buyers can mix and match the two body materials with the three leather colors for a total of six options (seen in the images above) to choose from.

waterfield designs staad attache size and dimensions

The bag measures 10.5 inches high, 14 inches wide and 3.5 deep, so it’s not a huge bag. Because it carries extremely mobile and thin devices, you don’t need more space.

On the back, there’s a spacious pocket for small or thin books, magazines or anything thin that you might want to hold. We also get an opening to put on a rolling suitcase handle.

My Staad Attache holds the iPad Pro, Surface Pro 4 and a 13-inch MacBook Pro at the same time if necessary. It’s not designed to hold that many devices, but it can if needed. Add to that the chargers for all three, the Apple Pencil and Surface Pen, an Apple Magic Mouse and the Logitech MX Anywhere 2 mouse, a stack of 15 screen wipes and earbuds. I wouldn’t want to fill it that much normally, but the small case holds far more than one would expect.

Staad Attache

The internal lining is a bright gold color, which makes it easy to see what’s inside. There’s no fishing in the dark for cords or dongles.

WaterField Designs Staad Attache Quality

The ballistic nylon holds up really well and resists stains like no other computer bag material. It looks good after months and even years of use. The waxed canvas ages well and looks better the older it gets. It looks rough and rugged after a while. The Staad Backpack is my favorite computer bag ever and it looks even better after wear.

Staad Attache

WaterField designs screams quality. They hold up over time with a lot of use. It’s comfortable to carry, either using the handle or the shoulder strap. The strap connects using two metal half-circle loops that aren’t coming off unless the user works really hard and uses a lot of force. The shoulder strap has a padded attachment in the middle of the strap making it more comfortable if you pack the bag full of heavy equipment.

Recommendation and Value

WaterField cases and bags cost a little more than the average bag you find at Best Buy or Staples. However, they also look awesome and last a lot longer. If you buy the $229 WaterField Designs Staad Attache, then you won’t need to replace it for a long time unless you buy a larger 14 or 15-inch computer.

Of all the attache-style cases I’ve looked at, this is easily my favorite. It’s a perfect option for people who need to carry more than just their Pro tablet or an ultraportable notebook and want a bag that looks as beautiful as the device it holds.

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1 Comment

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