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WaterField Tech Rolltop Backpack: You’re New Go Everywhere Bag



The New WaterField Tech Rolltop Backpack Is designed to hold your laptop with two easy access options and to fill the roll of your work backpack, sports bag and carry-on without the need to own and switch between multiple bags.

One thing that sets this apart from many roll top style backpacks is the easy access laptop slot on the side that lets you quickly pull out your laptop or iPad Pro at a security checkpoint or in a meeting without fully opening the bag. This area is padded and closes with a YKK zipper.

The WaterField Tech Rollup bag is versatile and includes an easy to access laptop compartment.

The WaterField Tech Rolltop bag is versatile and includes an easy to access laptop compartment.

The top of the Tech Rolltop backpack closes with a magnet that is hidden in the material for a secure, and silent closure. One of the benefits of this backpack style is that you can quickly expand it to hold 3-6 liters of additional stuff. Perfect for when you need a little bit more room for a long day, or when you need to bring home a souvenir.

There is a wide zippered pocket complete with a rain guard and a key holder as well as dual side pockets that can hold a water bottle, umbrella or other items.

Easy access to your laptop without opening the top of the bag.

Easy access to your laptop without opening the top of the bag.

WaterField offers the bag in a beautiful blue waxed canvas, a rugged looking tan waxed canvas and a black ballistic nylon option. On both options the back of the bag and the straps are padded for comfort and to keep you cool. The bag is available in two sizes, compact and full.

Inside the bag offers a zippered pocket for small items, a second padded compartment to hold a second laptop or a tablet. The big main section allows you to store bulky items like a change of clothes, workout gear and more.

The interior is bright gold, which makes finding things in the big compartment easier. The bottom of the bag is lined with shock absorbing foam to keep your gear sage on the go and it adds form so the bag sits upright.

The Tech Rolltop bag is $229 for the compact and $249 for the full size. If you order before May 10th, you get a free Gear Pouch with your order.

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1 Comment

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