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Waterproof Galaxy S6: LifeProof Release Confirmed



Samsung’s two new smartphones lack several features of the Galaxy S5. Some users are frustrated that there is no waterproof Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6, that there is a sealed battery and no Micro SD card slot. While you cannot drop the new Galaxy S6 into water right out of the box, you can count on a waterproof Galaxy S6 LifeProof case and a Galaxy S6 LifeProof case.

LifeProof confirmed to Gotta Be Mobile that the company plans a line of products to make the Galaxy S6 waterproof, dustproof, snow proof and shock proof.

The company makes one of our favorite waterproof iPhone 6 cases and offers several LifeProof cases for Android phones like the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 and made one for the Galaxy S3.

Count on a waterproof Galaxy S6 LifeProof case, and a Galaxy S6 Edge Model. (LifeProof Galaxy S3 case shown).

Count on a waterproof Galaxy S6 LifeProof case. (LifeProof Galaxy S3 case shown).

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is water-resistant with covered ports that let users take it into three feet of water for 30 minutes. The LifeProof case doubles this protection up to six feet for an hour. It also adds in protection from drops that a Galaxy S5 without a case did not offer.

Samsung calls the Galaxy S6 a revolution in design, when asked if the Galaxy S6 is waterproof. It is clear that consumers want phones that can go to the pool, shower and kitchen without worrying about damage from liquid.

We don’t have any other details on the waterproof Galaxy S6 LifeProof case at this time, but we know that the company has a knack for making cases that work with fingerprint readers and the company also sells a waterproof iPhone case that leaves the screen wide-open while still keeping water out. Perhaps LifeProof will offer a Galaxy S6 Nuud option.

The back of LifeProof Galaxy cases show the back of the phone with a clear cover, so you should expect to see the beautiful glass back and colors of the Galaxy S6.

Right now there are no details about a Waterproof Galaxy S6 case with a battery, but at CES 2015 LifeProof announced a LifeProof Fre Power for the iPhone 6 that is a waterproof iPhone 6 battery case. It would make sense to see a Waterproof Galaxy S6 battery case that addresses two major complaints from Android users who are thinking of upgrading.

On Twitter users are voicing frustration about the lack of a waterproof Galaxy S6 design, but with a case option like this it could be a good middle ground for users who want a premium design but still want to use the Galaxy S6 in or near water.

There is LifeProof Galaxy S6 release date information confirmed at this time, but the cases retail for $79.99 to $99.99 for the basic option depending on the features and model. We may not see this go on sale right at the Galaxy S6 release date, but you can expect to see it sometime in 2015, hopefully in time for summer.

Update: There are no plans for a Galaxy S6 Edge LifeProof case yet, but the company is always evaluating options for new phones.

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