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We Have A Winner in the HP HDX Dragon Contest!!!



Congratulations to forum member tablet_envy on winning the $5200 HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook system. His name was chosen randomly from all those who entered in our contest.

tablet_envy, look for an email from us and reply back within 72 hours to claim your prize!! I’ll then pack up the system and send it your way.

His entry is pasted below:

1) Do you currently use a mobile computer ( Laptop, Tablet PC, UMPC, Ultra-Portable PC, etc)? If so, what brand(s) and what operating system(s) ?

Currently using a Fujitsu P1610 tablet PC running Windows XP (Professional).

2) When did you purchase the computer that you currently use the most and when do you plan on replacing it?

Purchased early 2007.  Looking to upgrade later this year?

3) Will your next purchase be a mobile computer? If so, what kind and what brand(s) are you considering?

So many choices….

Definitely a mobile computer, most likely a convertible tablet.  However,  the right slate would still be a consideration.  Some candidates include the LG P-100, Lenovo X-61. 

4) What technology leader would you most like to have lunch with and what would you want to discuss?

Bill Gates.  I would like to discuss his charitable causes, and the future directions his Foundation will be pursuing (research?  poverty?).

5) What can HP do to improve your mobile life?

Provide lightweight, feature-rich tablets, with longer battery life.  Hey, I’m not asking too much, am I? 

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