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webOS 2.0 Won’t Come to Original Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, Pixi Plus



It looks like some of the cooler features of webOS 2.0 won’t be making it to Palm’s older hardware as the Palm Pre, Pre Plus, Pixi, and Pixi Plus will not be getting its webOS operating system upgraded to version 2.0. According to Engadget, which had an interview with HP’s Jon Rubinstein, HP will try to make it up to its customers when the Veer, Pre 3, and TouchPad launches. Tho Rubinstein did not elaborate, owners of old hardware who were promised of an upgrade to webOS 2.0–which now will not materialize–will get something special from HP; we’re speculating a special discount for upgrading your hardware.

According to Rubinstein, the older hardware is not powerful enough to handle webOS 2.0’s many unique features. The Palm Pre 2 already comes with webOS 2.0



  1. Techgeek32

    02/10/2011 at 8:01 pm

    HP has just disenfranchised all of their loyal web os customers. If you read all of the web os blogs, customers are leaving in droves after this announcement and the lackluster smartphone offering. The new HP tablet doesn’t offer anything different over their competitors and I predict that by next fall HP’s mobile division will be in serious trouble. The new CEO promised that products would be ready to ship just weeks after the Feb. 9th release, but then stated products would available this summer. HP is finished and I use to be a very loyal customer.

    • Aggie

      04/03/2011 at 4:35 am

      I still like my HP laptop, but yes … the Palm Pre has disappointed me too many times. I purchased one a week after the release date (June something). And I liked all the ‘gee whiz’ things it could do, and this was my first smart phone. But after the gee whiz factor wore off I started to notice how sluggish and non-responsive the phone was. Eventually the Bluetooth went haywire and would activate/deactivate randomly due to some sort of short. That phone was replaced, only to have the same thing happen again. The third replacement lasted longer, but the keyboard went goofy and the screen got a ‘hot spot’ on it and the Bluetooth was starting to do the same thing again … so now I’m on number 4. This one is starting to get a hot spot on the screen, the keyboard has a short/defect in it where it doesn’t type what I’m typing, and some part just fell out the side of the phone when I slid it up last week. I think it’s about time for number five. But in all of this none of the four phones I’ve had has ever performed adequately. It’s sluggish as @#$%!!! You tap something on the screen and it may run … maybe not .. it may take four taps before it’ll run; the whole phone may just lock up for about a minute or two before telling you “too many cards on the screen” when there’s NOTHING running! Sometimes I swear that Palm is just @#$%ing with me and this is some sort of psychological experiment to see how many people can be driven to homicide due to a phone. I can’t tell you the number of times this phone has failed me. I thought it would be neat to be able to read/respond to all my eMail on a single device like my phone … but I’ve given up. I just wait till I get home to do eMail now because IF (and that’s a big if) the eMail app actually loads up the majority of the time it won’t display the eMail. Just reading/responding to a single eMail is about a five minute affair. I have to reboot the phone daily or more in order to keep the phone from locking up.

      I can tell the OS is great … if it worked the way it was supposed to I’d be happy. But this hardware sux. It’s soooo disappointing, because I really wanted to love the Pre, it’s like an abusive relationship. I give and give and the Pre just pimp slaps me every time I ask it something.

      • Bgruy

        06/17/2011 at 11:36 pm

        @Aggie-that has got to be the single best response in summing up life with Palm. It has been that of a ”carrot in front of the donkey” relationship. I have been a loyal customer through pilots early release, tungsten’s shortcomings, treo’s ridiculous size and the hopes of someday having ability to run flash. I have grown tired of my phone telling me what it CAN’T DO. Hello Moto XPRT

      • Remington_hutchison

        07/13/2011 at 1:37 am

        I hear ya!!! I just replaced my pixi like a couple weeks ago and I already want to pull my hair out!! hthis is probably one of the worst phones I ever got my hands on! My first palm treo was nearly perfect and it did everything I could ever ask it to do but someone stole it :(. Anyway yes I completely agree with you this phone and line of phones are JUNK!!!!!!

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