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Weekend App Deals: Cheap and Free iPad Apps



It’s Friday, Friday, Friday! Which means it’s time to take off work a bit early and start your weekend.

If you can’t actually get away from work, why not tell your boss you’re using your iPad to catch up on industry related reading or some other believable excuse and find an empty office to download these iPad app deals.

If you look productive enough while you download them, you can probably even play them before you clock out too.

The following apps all come as an iPad version, but many are universal apps which can also be used on your iPhone.


Weekend iPad App Deals

  • IM+ – $5.99 ($4 off) – This all in one messaging app connects to Skype chat, GTalk, Yahoo, MSN/Live Messenger, AIM/iChat, ICQ, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, Jabber.
  • Jump Desktop  (Remote Desktop) – $9.99 ($10 off) – Connect to your Windows or Mac from your iPad at half price.
  •  Warship Flight Deck Jam – HD –  Free ($1 off) – Puzzle game which asks you to help get the flight deck lined up just right.
  • Duel: Blade & Magic XD – Free ($9 off) – This RPG fighter isn’t for everyone, but if you want some RPG fun on the run, check it out. Why would you pass at free?
  •  Snooker Club – Free ($5 off) – Play Pool and Snooker with a collection of pool playing pros.
If you don’t mind paying full price for a game, my top pick of the week is Reckless Getaway. This fun app tasks you with running away from the cops, crashing cars, collecting coins and driving fast.
reckless racing

Reckless Racing for iPad is crazy fun.

Reckless Racing is perhaps the best iPad app I’ve played in the past month. At $3 it’s a steal. If you have yard work to do this weekend, avoid it until Monday.
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