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Weekend Discussion: Google Trends and Tablet PC



Word broke today about Google’s newest service: Google Trends. I’ve been playing with it a bit and have discovered some fascinating things. Here is some Google Trend data ( searches and news postings ) on the term Tablet PC vs Mobile PC. Notice the search interest intersected in early 2006 with Mobile PC maintaining, while search interest in Tablet PC has continued to drop.

Now, everything I hear indicates that sales volumes of Tablet PCs are continuing to trend up. Are people just using their Tablet as a regular laptop?



Here is Tablet PC vs UMPC – clearly an interest in ultra mobile, about to surpass tablet. Maybe the combined interest in both form factors shows a good sign.


Take a look at this graph: Tablet PC vs MacBook. Wow!



What’s going on? Why the continual trending down in Tablet PC?

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