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Weekend Discussion: How Did You Find Us?



When I ask people that I meet if they’re into technology, I always ask about their favorite web sites.  If I find a tech geek, I’ll always ask if they frequent jkOnTheRun, Gizmodo, or Engadget, the site that led me to GottaBeMobile.  The strange thing is, most folks that I encounter have never heard of Engadget.  I remember asking a guy who worked at CompUSA if he’d heard of Engadget.  He replied, “Is that a new computer?”  That got me wondering just how mainstream are the tech blogs that I visit everyday?

Part of my early morning ritual is checking my round of sites to see what’s new in the global and tech worlds.  In fact, I usually keep my browser open with the blogs I enjoy in different tabs.  I enjoy refreshing my blogs to see how the content changes.  The beauty of the blogs I visit is that there is usually one new post.  Even if it’s a post that I’m not interested in, I enjoy seeing that there is new content.  A simple Google search reveals the impact that blogs are having on journalism, news content, the tech world, and the way people communicate.

Here are a few observations about blogs:

  • They haven’t contributed to a delay of instant gratification, a core value of the US society.
  • I like the fact that most posts are to the point.  I don’t want to read a book to figure out the main idea.  Give me the details first.
  • Most sites recycle the same story, and I usually read the one that has the sharpest images or bullet points.
  • I hate that many public schools block all blogs as a catch-all.  Many blogs are newsworthy and educational.
  • They are a great place to see different perspectives on the same topic.  Each blog contributor has a unique style and commentary.

So, what web site or person led you to, and what sites are a part of your daily ritual?

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