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Weekend Discussion: What’s Your Biggest Struggle When it Comes to Being Mobile?



Going in to a long Easter weekend, I thought it might be fun to have a discussion centered around mobility. So, here’s the question for this weekend:

“What is your biggest struggle when it comes to being mobile?”

My biggest struggle is not the technology, per se. I’m actually pretty pumped about Tablet PCs, the iPhone, my MacBook, and general web services like EverNote, FolderShare, and .Mac which allow me access to most of my data wherever I am and on whatever device I find myself using at the time.

My struggle is mostly with creating some distance from the technology. Being mobile means that I’m more or less always attached to my devices. That makes it harder to put things away when I mostly need to relax and break free, because the tendency is to check feeds, check email, twitter some status update, check TechMeme, – because, you know, it is there, connected, and available. I try, believe me, but it is a constant discipline issue in my mind.

What is your biggest struggle? battery life, OS, syncing, staying connected, staying disconnected, choosing devices, cost, connectivity, etc?

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