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Weird Al Tacky & Word Crimes Videos Kick Off New Album



The Weird Al Tacky video is taking the internet by storm as fans can’t get enough of the Weird Al’s Happy parody that put’s Pharrell’s chart busting feel good song to a new set of spoofed lyrics, that are just as easy to get stuck in your head. Following up on this is the Weird Al Word Crimes video, which doesn’t include the same star-studded cast, but it is quite catchy.

The Weird Al Tacky video is the first of 8 videos that Weird Al hopes will all go viral, passing from iPhone to Android across every social network known to man to kick of the launch of this new album Mandatory.

The Weird Al Tacky video and Weird Al Word Crimes kick off a new album to compete with YouTube parodies.

The Weird Al Tacky video and Weird Al Word Crimes kick off a new album to compete with YouTube parodies.

The Weird Al Tacky video features Jack Black, Margaret Cho Aisha Tyler, Eric Stonestreet and Kristen Schaal in a delightfully funny and quick cover of Pharrell’s Happy. This is not the first Happy parody, but even with the fast pace of YouTube it’s tough to compete with Weird Al.

Watch the Weird Al Tacky video below to hear Weird Al call out people who Instagram every meal, the use of Comic Sans, Bad yelp reviews, funeral selfies and a plethora of other “Tacky” behavior.

The Weird Al Tacky video is the first video off Mandatory Fun, which is on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other music stores with 12 songs on the new Weird Al album.

The new Weird Al Word Crimes video parodies Pharrell and Robin Thicke Blurred lines, preaching better grammar to the masses.

Weird Al plans to flood your iPhone, iPad and Android with six more new music videos in the next week.

Weird Al tells the NY Post creating comedy albums today is challenging. A day after a new song is a hit a teenager with an iPhone and an editing app can produce a parody and upload it to YouTube before school. Weird Al explains how this pushes him to deliver better parodies,

I don’t have the luxury of going for the most obvious idea,” he says. “Someone’s already thought of that and it’s already up on YouTube. With the new album, there’s some songs that have been parodied to death already. I think I’ve taken a new tack with them. That just helps me step up my game.”

Although it’s tough to pull in the star power that shows up to twerk, strut and sing through the Weird Al Tacky video, He is happy that there is a, “level playing field,” thanks to YouTube. 

There is another change at play with the Weird Al Tacky video and the seven more that will follow quickly. The short attention span that encourages hopping from one viral video hit to the next is part of the reason we’ll see a new Weird Al video from Mandatory Fun each day for the next week.

After the Weird Al Tacky video is a Robin Thicke Blurred lines parody called Word Crimes.

After the Weird Al Tacky video is a Robin Thicke Blurred lines parody called Word Crimes.

For the first week that the Mandatory Fun Album is on sale users will be able to watch two-thirds of the content, and keep listening to it without paying for an album, although that’s exactly what Weird Al and his label hope you do. Yankovic tells the NY Post, “I like the idea of every single one of my videos going viral for a day”

Following the Weird Al Tacky video, Yankovic will release a new video each day until the run is complete. Odds are good that we’ll see more star studded and hilarious parodies including.

  • Handy – An Iggy Azalea Fancy Parody
  • Lame Claim to Fame – Style Parody of Southern Culture on the Skids
  • Foil – Lorde Royals Parody
  • Sports Song – College Football Style Parody
  • Word Crimes – Robin Thicke Blurred Lines Parody
  • My Own Eyes – Foo Fighters Parody
  • NOW That’s What I call Polka! – Medley of Mily Cyrus, Foster the People Psy and Many others.
  • Mission Statement – Crosby, Stills & Nash style parody
  • Inactive – Imagine Dragons Radioactive Parody
  • First World Problems – Pixies Style Parody
  • Tacky – Pharrell Happy Parody
  • Jackson Park Express – Cat Stevens Style Parody

There are no announcements of which tracks will get the Weird Al video treatment, but any of the actual cong parodies and the Polka medley are good picks with eight videos total.

Al is no stranger to music videos, creating some of the most memorable videos from MTV, that parodied the most famous musicians and songs of the last decade.

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