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WePad Videos from NetBookNews



Looks like the folks at got to film the WePad in action. (The link is translated). According to Engadget this was at a press conference quickly put up to counter what was being perceived as negative press. Watch the videos for yourself, but I’m not sure what we’re seeing here is going to tamp down any hesitancy.



  1. RandySpangler

    04/26/2010 at 10:37 pm

    One thing about having apps created for the iPad, is that you don’t need a finger shaped like a mouse cursor to use it. I have an HP convertable, and it is trifling to try to aim the end of my finger to hit just the right part of a scroll bar, etc.

    I realize that Android or whatever O/S doesn’t have to operate in this manner, but it seems to be the norm. Once the iPad gets popular, I think that the UI will take over and we will get away from this paradigm of the “Windows” or “Mac” interface. That full screen app (without a bunch of small windows) is truly a byproduct of a non-multitasking O/S, isn’t it?

    I guess what I am saying is that a traditional tablet is a struggle to use and honestly only us diehard users will use them. But we are only 1% of 1% of the market.

    A little OT, but the same thing applies with cloud apps. EVERYTHING has a different UI and a different login and a different timeout and a different password reset timeframe. Some allow weak passwords and some demand strong ones. As an IT service provider, all of my tools and applications have different gatekeepers. It is all so frustrating to get in and out of these programs as you try to actually get something done during the day. Where is the standardization or the ‘passport’ that allows you to seamlessly and securely go from app to app on any platform?


  2. Mike

    04/27/2010 at 11:04 pm

    I think this UI looks brilliant.
    It provides quick visual cues while not pointlessly going overboard on eye-candy and silly/pointless transitions.

    I would rather have an open platform and let developers worry about making it usable.

    As touch becomes more widely used, the UI for apps will become better.
    As long as it does not become to stymied by ridiculous intellectual property claims.
    We are in serious need of patent reforms.

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