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We’re All Crazy on This Bus!



Warnerc2You bet we’re a bit crazy. We have to be. And you know what? It is kind of fun. But there’s purpose in all that fun. This morning Bjorn Stromberg on links to this article on TechArt Enterprises from Miles McCusker who is really enjoying following the wacky exploits of the zany team here on as well as others in the Tablet and UMPC-scapes:

Out of nowhere, I’ve found myself hooked on reading blogs about Ultramobile PC’s (UMPC’s) and tablets-PC.  I’m addicted to reading about the lives these people lead, constantly receiving, buying, using and reviewing Tablet PC and UMPC’s as well!  I’m not sure where they get the money? I mean, they can’t seem to get enough of them!  More annoyingly neither can I stop reading about whole thing. 

We all (myself and them) are feeding off the same thing I guess, except (since I don’t actually own a UMPC or tablet) I feel like I’m a bit more objective about the ‘apples of their eyes’.  For me, I find TabletPC’s and UMPC interesting more because they come so agonisingly close to something which will be so perfect, one of those things you’ll wonder ““how did we cope before we had these?”  And like anything so close so almost right, they can be so wrong!   That’s the other reason why I’m addicted.  

Arabian_busMiles goes on to point out the reasons he’s attracted to UMPCs in particular and bemoans the fact that the device he’s looking for doesn’t exist yet. He also thinks the compromises that have brought us to where we are at the moment have left us with devices that try to fill too many needs and don’t satisfy any. Can’t say I blame him or fault his logic because they whole picture is still evolving. In fact, far too rapidly to make much sense sometimes.

But here’s the crazy part (and the fun part). Those of us who entertain Miles (and others-at least I hope we entertain a few others along the way) with our evangelizing, criticizing, praising, ranting, and raving about the devices are more than just fan boys with deep pockets. We’ve seen the potential that these mobile devices can offer. We’ve felt the impact they can have on our productivity and our fun. We’ve been frustrated by the ““so close, but so far away” current state of things. We’ve touched the potential and tasted the promise and followed that tantalizing tease right on to the Crazy Bus to help push OEMs and Microsoft further then I believe they would have ever pushed themselves after the bungled and mangled marketing efforts in the beginning. Listen to Rob and Hugo talk about this in this week’s GBM Podcast. Did anybody think by blogging about their passions for these devices would have that kind of influence? I don’t think so. But it has happened. And my hunch is that it has to do with the crazy abandon those on the Crazy Bus use to spread their passion.

Miles thinks UMPCs have ““gone down a dead-end road which finishes in a no-mans-land.” The Crazy Bus isn’t traveling down a dead-end road. Instead it bounces down a long and bumpy one that often seems to have too many twists and turns without a clear destination. For many that is troubling. I have to admit at times it is for me as well. But then I take my seat along with my other cohorts in craziness and partners in passion and enjoy the ride. Wherever it leads, it offers some amazing potential. And besides, who else is going to entertain the likes of Miles with so much craziness? All Aboard!

P.S And besides, we all just blame James Kendrick.


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