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We’ve got a lot more specs on Dell’s XT Tablet PC



Well, we’ve learned a lot more about the Dell XT Tablet PC, this time from a reader who just got out of meeting with Dell and saw the unit during a non-NDA demonstration.

Here are some more details to add to what we’ve already learned today:

  • XT Tablet PC becomes official on October 9. Supposed to start taking orders about a week before, and start shipping 2 – 3 weeks after October 9
  • 1.2ghz dual core ULV
  • Integrated video chipset will be ATI
  • There will be a 5400 rpm harddrive option, max size of 80 gb. 32gb SSD will be an option, too
  • 3GB max memory
  • Weight: 3lbs
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 x 1.5. Our source said it looked about as thick as an X61 Tablet PC
  • Battery life should be around 5 hours on standard and 9 – 10 hours with an additional extended battery that will attach to the bottom of the unit
  • XT will have a much smaller, thinner, and lighter power adapter than current Dell laptops
  • Screen is 12.1″, max res of 1280 x 800, multimode screen ( pen and touch ), and ambient light sensor
  • Screen is capacitive touch made by N-Trig. It is not a Wacom digitizer. Motion Computing also uses N-Trig in their LE1700 WriteTouch Tablet PC. ( see below and the link for more info on N-Trig and their digitizers )
  • Screen will be offered as a standard OLED screen or outdoor option. Outdoor option will add a little weight and thickness to the unit. Our source feels pretty good about OLED. It is what he wrote down in his notes, but it could very well be LED . I guess we’ll see in October.
  • Broadcom WiFi
  • WWAN optional for several wireless providers
  • Optional Bluetooth
  • No Turbo Memory since they are using ATI chipset
  • Will have touchpad, eraser head mouse, scroll wheel on side of screen, plus additional function buttons on screen for tablet mode
  • Will share the same D-Series accessories, but will have its own special media bay. Regular D series docks won’t work, and may not be able to use the other D-series power adapters
  • Has a different pen design that is fairly unique. No eraser on end, has button for easer
  • XT will only ship with Vista Business
  • According to our source, the unit he saw didn’t look like the Engadget picture that we posted earlier. He doesn’t recall there being a bevel on the screen and around the LCD was a kind of silver strip or trim.

I’m trying to get some more clarification on that screen, to find out if it is indeed multi-mode for active digitizer and touch. Sounds like it, since the button supports an eraser. Stay tuned.

Update on the screen: The XT Tablet PC uses a digitizer made by N-Trig, the same company who makes the digitizer for Motion Computing’s LE1700 WriteTouch Tablet PC. Their touch screen will use electric current from the finger to detect touch rather than pressure as with current multitouch screens. In the meeting, Dell also claimed their palm rejection would be the best out there.

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