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What A Mobile Delight!



It has been a busy and crazy period at work these last few weeks. In the middle of it all I’ve been working to get Vista running on the Asus R2H. I’ve got everything I need to really function running and today was the first day that I put it back into production, so to speak. Today, I had a series of meetings and a rehearsal and toted the R2H with me for note taking. What a delight it was to be using it again in that scenario.

I really enjoy the inking experience for note taking on the Asus R2H and have since what seems like forever ago, when I was using it running XP. It is even better with Vista running.

Another interesting observation: I did not use the R2H continually throughout the day, but in extensive periods where I was taking notes. In this kind of work scenario, I frequently turn off WiFi and Bluetooth to improve battery life. I did so today and when I brough the unit out of hibernation, battery life was reported at 4 hours and 7 minutes. (I’m running the 4 cell battery.) Using Sleep mode when I didn’t need the unit running, I was able to pull through a 5 hour and 45 minute stretch and have the battery reporting over 2 hours remaining. I’ll take that.

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