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What application do you want ink-enabled?



With as much progress as the Tablet PC continues to make with education, health care, legal, etc., it continues to surprise me as to how few business applications are ink-enabled.

By ink-enabling, I’m referring to converting a note field to accept both ink and text, adjusting fields for context awareness so the TIP can be used more effectively, etc.

There are two business applications I run in to constantly that beg to be ink-enabled: ACT! and GoldMine. These two applications are contact management systems that business professionals depend on daily to help run their business and maintain relationships with clients and potential clients. Imagine the salesperson in the field visiting a potential client, takes some handwritten notes in ACT!, gets back to the office and syncs up his ACT! database to the corporate database. Now, all of his handwritten notes are available to secretaries, sales managers, etc for all to see.

Both applications support add-on development. How hard would it be to develop an add-on notetaking for both applications? GoldMine boasts over 130,00 corporate clients are using their software. Sounds like a great business opportunity to me…anyone up for the challenge?

What business application would you love to see ink-enabled?

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