What Are You Missing With Your Mobile Gadget Solution?

So, here’s a question for you. What can’t you do that you want to do with your mobile gadget scenario? What’s missing? What do you want to do, that you can’t do right now with whatever gaggle of gadgets you use daily?

OK, that’s several questions, but hopefully you get the point. As the focus of the gadget world has shifted from desktops to laptops to Tablets and smartphones, my suspicion is that most folks have probably aligned themselves with one platform or the other, but some may still be in search for the perfect piece to finish their own puzzle. Before you move on with your answers, these questions aren’t meant to provoke fanboy platform wars. Rather I’m curious as to what you, using whatever gadget or platform you use, think is missing. And I guess, what features or functionality might drive your next round of decision making when it comes to making purchases.

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit since Kevin posted how his iPad makes him hate paper and has saved him quite a bit of money, and the excellent discussion that has been flowing around that post. In my case, as I thought about writing this post I realize that there isn’t much that I need to do, or want to do that I can’t already. In some cases, I can do things that I wouldn’t have thought of thanks to the continued evolution of technology. (Side note: I’m reminded of a comment made by one of my nephew’s on Christmas one year. In opening some present he enthusiastically proclaimed that whatever the gift was it was what he always wanted but that he never knew he wanted it until he had it.)

I’m not looking for answers that focus on I want quad core this, or higher res that. Those things will inevitably come to whatever platform you choose to play on. Instead, I’m looking for thoughts about what you want to do that you can’t with whatever you’re using. Be as specific as you can. And don’t just focus on the gadget in your hands or under your hands as you type. Connect the dots with the things that make them work like your broadband or wireless service, or the Apps you use, or the peripherals that extend functionality as well.

Here’s hoping this will spur an interesting conversation.