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The thing I love most about this website is getting insight in to other people’s lives – how they work, what they read, how they struggle technically, what they do on weekends. To better understand the mobile professional, I believe you need to take a look their whole lives to see how mobile solutions can improve upon how they live day to day.

So – what is on your reading list right now? If you are anything like me, I’ve got 3 to 4 books going at the same time. Here is a look at what I’m going through right now:

Why am I reading those books? Cocoa Programming: I want to get a grasp on what is involved with programming for the Mac. I don’t see myself getting alot of Mac programming jobs, but I love to understand the general concepts of other technologies, so when I’m faced with a potential project, I at least have a little background. I’m working on a few book projects and I also want to improve how I write on GBM, thus I’m reading The Elements of Style . Getting Things Done basically stays on my bed side table. I’ve been in and out of that book for about a year, slowly implementing David Allens concepts into how I work.

BTW: How many of you listen to audio books? I’ve got about 2 to 3, but there is something about picking up a book from my bedside table and flipping through the pages that I really enjoy. If I were on the road for several hours a day, I’d listen to more audio books.

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