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What Are Your Favorite Free Applications?



I was reading the newest PC Magazine this morning during some down time.  They have an article in there called “157 Best Free Software Tools”.  There are some great programs in there and some I am going to check out real soon.  There are quite a few listed that I like and install when I get a new computer or after a fresh install.

  • The Obvious:
    • Live Writer and Live Messenger – posting and communicating with others
  • The lower profile applications:
    • Notepad++ – WONDERFUL text editor I use all the time
    • FileZilla – FTP client manager (new one for me)
    • Paint.NET – free Photo Shop style application
    • FeedDemon – now free feed reader (look for a post on this later)
    • Auslogic – disk defragger
    • Twhirl – for keeping up with Twitter – add me Twitter if you are on there

What free applications are your first to add on?  What free applications do you use every day??  I’ll report back later on some that I try from this article I am reading!

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