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What Browser Do You Use To Read



There are a lot of things happening in the browser world lately.  IE being updated to IE8, Firefox getting ready to send out FireFox 3, Apple pushing out an update to Safari to go to 3.1…

Sure we can look at the stats for the site and see, but it’s better to get some reader response as to WHY they chose the browser…  So what do you use to surf the web?  Why do you use it?  Do you use a different browser depending on what device you are using?  For me I usually have all three on any machine.  In testing some web development (web mapping applications), it’s nice to see what’s going to happen on each browser…  I usually will use IE7 for most of what I do though, since most of the people I work with use IE.  It just becomes ‘habit’ to open up IE and have it default…  But, like I said in an earlier post, I might just start using FF for most of my casual surfing if IE8 takes away my inline autocomplete feature.  Then there is Safari – it is actually fast, but I haven’t spent much time with it up to now – maybe that is a weekend project.

Interesting enough – look at the shot below – if you don’t have much screen real estate, it doesn’t look like the defaults for IE would be what’s wanted – look how much more text is showing on FF and Safari by default…


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