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Snapchat Update: What Snapchat Emoji Mean



A surprise Snapchat update arrived in the last 24 hours to deliver new Snapchat emoji, show you who your friends really are and other small and important features to help you take better Snapchat photos and to reach out to friends who you haven’t snapchatted in a long time.

With this Snapchat update you will no longer see the Snapchat Best friends feature, but instead Snapchat emoji will tell you what you want to know about your Snapchat friends. Or, it might tell you things you don’t want to know about who your best friend is also best friends with.

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Instead of the Snapchat Best Friends list you’ll see Snapchat emoji to identify those you Snapchat with the most and this new Snapchat update makes it a little easier to keep track of your friends with emoji.

Here are the essential details you need to know about the Snapchat update on iPhone, iPad and Android.

What do Snapchat Emoji Mean?

Here is your guide to what the Snapchat emoji mean.

Here is your guide to what the Snapchat emoji mean.

Instead of using a best friends list the Snapchat update replaces this list with new Snapchat emoji that show you who you talk with most in the app. There are six new Snapchat emoji that you’ll need to know the meaning of. Snapchat used photos of  Beyoncé to illustrate what the emoji means.

  • Gold Heart – You And the person you are Snapping with are best friends. This means you both send each other the most snaps.
  • Grimace – You’ll see this if you and another user both have the same best friend. This means the person you snap with the most is also the person this user snaps with the most. Get ready for some awkward exchanges.
  • Smile – This person is one of your Snapchat best friends, but not number one.
  • Sunglasses – You are friends with the person that this user snaps to the most.
  • Smirk – You are their best friend, but they aren’t yours. This means you send them a lot of snaps, but they don’t reciprocate.
  • Fire – You’ll see this when you snap with someone continuously for multiple days. Aka you’re on a streak.

Josh Constine on TechCrunch discovered the Snapchat update manual in the discover section where he was able to grab the photos above showing Beyoncé with the new Snapchat emoji.

Snapchat Friends Need Some Love

If you ignore some of your Snap chat friends for too long the new Snapchat update will help you reconnect with a Needs Love section. Here you will see users that you haven’t sent a message to in a long time. This list isn’t going to tell you to snap someone you never used to message, but if you used to snap with someone regularly it will offer a reminder to send them some Snap love.

Snapchat Update Adds Low Light Mode

take brighter Snapchat photos in low light.

take brighter Snapchat photos in low light.

If you take your best Snapchats in the dark, or at least in low light you can now use a new low light Snapchat mode to take better looking photos. This will brighten the photo significantly so that people can see where you are better. This is great for those of you who plan to Snapchat Coachella and other parties and concerts.

Can I Skip the Snapchat Update?

You cannot skip the Snapchat update that replaces best friends with new Snapchat emoji.

You cannot skip the Snapchat update that replaces best friends with new Snapchat emoji. 360b /

Do you love the current Snapchat best friends list? Do you want to avoid the potential drama of learning your best friend or significant other Snapchats with that one person you can’t stand as much as they do with you?

As far as we can tell there is no way to skip this Snapchat update or to go back to the old version of Snapchat. Love it or hate it, the Snapchat emoji update is here to stay.

Twitter Reactions to Snapchat Update

On Twitter the reactions to the Snapchat update and new Snapchat emoji are mixed. Some users don’t understand why the app needs the new emoji and others are just confused about what the Snapchat Emoji mean.

Have fun with the Snapchat emoji that arrived as part of this new Snapchat update. Hopefully it doesn’t expose your activity too much to other users who might know that you share a best friend.

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