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What do you want from Origami?



Yep — Origami again. What will we talk about next week after the speculation is over?

Came across John Tokash’s blog via feedster today. John posted this “Origami Report” yesterday referencing mine and Scobles comments on expectations for Origami, and added his own list of what he would settle for. Here is his list:

  • 1 GB of Ram (or expandable to that)
  • 30 GB Hard Drive
  • Docking Station with SVGA out or SVGA out on the unit
  • PCMCIA slot
  • Touch screen that works with fingers. Don’t laugh – some screens only respond to a special stylus.
  • Wifi, Bluetooth
  • Ethernet port
  • At least one USB port
  • $900 or less
  • Gyro sensors
  • Basic 3d graphics
  • Basic protective case
  • At least 1024 pixels in longest edge of the screen
  • Screen rotation – portrait / landscape
  • Available in March or April

Okay John, not too unreasonable a list, you may actually get most of these based upon my limited knowledge of what is coming. But you won’t get them all, sorry. But let me ask you another question. When you shop for…, say a laptop computer today, do you EVER find one that meets all of the criteria you set out for? No way, unless it is a very small list. Different strokes folks! Viva la difference! To each his own!

At any rate though, I like your list John. Check out his blog, he also has a list of what he will sacrifice — how’s that for being reasonable? How about others? Do you have a list of what would make this a successful project for Microsoft and the OEM’s? Some of these devices are most definitely still on the drawing board, and I have it on good sources that a few OEM’s who will be in this market are watching what is being said here at GottaBeMobile on this thing (mostly to monitor our NDA behavior, but they have to read it all don’t they?). Let’s be reasonable considering price point, etc., and tell them something that will be useful! I would give you my list, but it is already affected by reality, so is no fun!

Whatcha want?

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