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What Do You Want to see in the Apple Tablet?



7000_years_stone_tablet_bulWe’re gearing up for the coming of the mythical Apple Tablet tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll have crazy coverage of the event that’s going to change everything and set the record for the most hyped gadget ever released. We’ve been following most of the rumors, much of the hype, and we’ve all got our opinions on what we’re likely to see and would like to see.

But as we head to the big day, we’d like to hear from you on what you’d like to see in the Apple Tablet (or what you don’t want to see.) Let us know in comments what you’d like to see when the device is unveiled tomorrow. Tell us you expectations and what you think this device ought to be.



  1. Cary

    01/26/2010 at 8:45 am

    One thing that I haven’t seen mentioned yet, but that would be nice, is the option of having the tablet connect as a secondary monitor to my MacBook Pro without having to use 3rd party software. It would make working from the local coffee shop that much more productive.

  2. drphysx

    01/26/2010 at 9:13 am

    A digitizer, inking support and something even better than OneNote.

    Otherwise, it’s not a tablet and it’s useless.

    You at GBM should actually know better and not call this thing a tablet when it’s likely to have no digitizer.

  3. Lorie Ghamy

    01/26/2010 at 9:48 am

    My iSlate vision

    – If iPhone OS 4.0, an elastic interface for mixing 2 or 3 apps at the same time snapped together (this is the solution for alls apps not made for full screen on 10′).
    – Screen Pixel Qi (LCD use for video and web surfing and Ebook mode like for reading a long time and preserve battery) autonomy…
    – Glass screen
    – Multitouch
    – InkWell (handwriting) and a stylus provided
    – Amovible battery
    – WiFi N
    – Blutooth (extend to wok with 3G from iPhone)
    – 3G powered
    – SDXC Slot : Up to 2 To on as SD card !
    – Fanless
    – HDMI / VGA connector
    – Audio in & Out (with headphones)
    – Stereo speaker
    – Ergonomy : screen “No mud” coated, a retractable ring to get the slate fixed to the hand while operating (security), an extroardinary pod to use the Slate at different erected levels, a light bluetooth keyboard with magnetic fix, so able to protect the screen…

    Maybe iSlate V4 !

  4. Warner Crocker

    01/26/2010 at 9:54 am


    I think we’re all pretty much on record about how we feel about the unicorn not having a digitizer, and that our feelings are very similar to yours.

  5. drphysx

    01/26/2010 at 10:19 am

    That’s nice to hear.

    Having been a Tablet PC and smartphone user for many years, I’m pretty annoyed, cause I see the same things happen again that happened with smartphones, but this time it’s even worse.

    You’re using a great technology for years and nobody actually knows that it exists, and suddenly Apple comes and releases a “dumbed down” version of this technology and the whole world thinks they’ve invented it.
    Just like the initial iPhone did not qualify as a smartphone, this will most likely not qualify as a tablet. Yet, noone knows about the great tablets that have been existing for years, just like noone knew about smartphones three years ago.

    A few days ago, I read an article in a local newspaper, where they said “tablets today are mostly used as ebook readers”. Of course, no mention of the actual definition of Tablet PC and nothing but praises for Apple’s not even released “tablet”. I hate that kind of unprofessional journalism.

    Of course you could blame Microsoft for not marketing the great technology they have (after making it consumer friendly). It seems to me that they just don’t get the value of those products to consumers. But nevertheless, they’ve had the technology for years.

    Microsoft Courier is the ultimate tablet.

  6. Antimatter

    01/26/2010 at 10:20 am

    The only things this tablet needs for me to buy it is a stylus and a good note taking app. I would use it to take note and annotate my textbooks, just as I do with my Latitude XT, but it would presumably be lighter and have a longer lasting batter, so it would be a better option.

    With no Stylus, it’s just an oversized iPod/iPhone, and I already have one of those.

    Now, I saw a rumor where this will have a stylus gesture, where you put your thumb and finger together and it creates a cursor on the screen. This might be a good replacement for a stylus, but I’d have to see how well it works, because I’m skeptical.

  7. Kathy Jacobs

    01/26/2010 at 2:24 pm

    Put me down on the side of “If it doesn’t let me ink, it isn’t a tablet”

    Touch is great, slate or convertible is great. Wireless connectivity, other devices, etc., all can be useful. But if I can’t directly ink when I need to, I wont’ be looking at it as an addition to my tablet set.

    Just my two cents… :)

  8. Richard L.

    01/26/2010 at 2:54 pm

    It probably won’t have inking, unless you think you can fit touch and active digital tablet into something that is half and inch thick or less. I can’t imagine something thicker to catch on with the non-tablet savy people.

    For me, a giant ipod with multitasking, DRM free ebooks (like itune music is now) will probably work for me. Special pairing (or plain tethering) with and iphone (for those who don’t want to get a 2nd data plan) or direct 3G connection for internet connection.

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