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What Does Better Battery Life Mean To You?



Sidebar_battery_gadgetOne of the ongoing issues mobile computing enthusiasts face is dealing with battery life or the lack thereof. We talk about it often here on GBM in our posts, our podcasts, and our InkShows. In a recent conversation with the folks behind HP’s Portal we discussed this and it was suggested to us that one way we could help further that conversation would be to pose some questions about the user expectations of battery life.

I’m sure the first answer to any question about battery life is simply, ““more.” Yeah, we all want more battery life for our devices. But like all things in the mobile sector there are tradeoffs. So, with that context in mind I’m posing the following questions for you to answer. Think about your usage scenario. Think about the compromises you already make, and the ones you aren’t willing to make, to squeeze more juice out of your system. The folks at HP Portal are listening and this is a good thing.

  1. Do the battery life claims of OEMs factor in your purchasing decision?
  2. On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being highest priority) how much of a priority is it?
  3. Do you believe OEM battery life claims?
  4. Do you purchase (or plan to purchase) and extra or extended battery life option?
  5. Do you customize your machine’s power profiles to squeeze out more juice? If so, list any specifics you tweak.
  6. What compromises are you willing to make to increase battery life? (WiFi on/off, Bluetooth on/off, screen brightness, adding weight and bulk, etc .)
  7. What compromises are you unwilling to make?
  8. Given your specific usage scenario, what do you consider to be your desired optimal battery life?
  9. Running at full power with no battery optimization or compromises what would you consider the baseline to be for battery life on a Tablet PC? On A UMPC?

Leave your answers in the comments below or in the GBM Forum thread on the same topic. 

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