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What Effect Will Low Cost NetBooks Have on the Rise of Laptops?



Michael Parekh linked to an Ars Technica article that discusses the continuing trend away from desktops to laptops. Apparently in 2007 laptop shipments rose 21% (31.6 million units) and desktop shipments dropped 4% (35 million units.) So it makes me wonder two things.

  1. What impact will the low cost NetBooks now starting to arrive have on this trend?
  2. How will devices like the MID be classified in these sorts of measurements?

Keep in mind that these devices are by and large considered to be companion devices, but will the companion tag stick as consumers find out they can do more with less using the Cloud? I know I viewed my first Tablet PC as a companion device (as expensive as it was in the early going) but quickly found that it shifted my habits and work flow and by the time I had moved to my second Tablet PC, it had become my main device at that time. Things are certainly different now. I’m not sure of the answers here, but it will be interesting to watch.



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