What Happens if Your Cloud Service Goes Belly Up?

pogoplugLet’s hope this is just well thought out planning by the folks at Pogoplug and nothing more. Whatever the case, the Pogoplug people are responding to concerns that some have about placing data in the cloud.

The question is a simple one really and I can see how it could be a stumbling block for some. What happens if Pogoplug went out of business and you are relying on their service to store and retrieve data? Pogoplug’s answer is that they are putting the source code for their back end services into escrow, so in the event that they do run into difficulties and have to go out of business, the hope is that the community would pick up and keep things going from there.

““What happens if Pogoplug goes out of business?” we now have an answer: we empower the community and our customers to be self-sufficient. We have created an Escrow Account that holds the source code for Pogoplug’s back-end services. In the unlikely event of our bankruptcy, our source code will be published on SourceForge for the community to manage how they see fit.”

Of course another way for individuals to look at this potential issue when it comes to any cloud service, is to make sure you have a local option for your data as well.

You can read their entire statement here.