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What Happens to Recycled Gadgets, Monitors and Computers (video)



recycle logo When we are done with our old gadgets there are a number of places we can take them to be recycled. But what does gadget recycling really mean. Some services will resell our old gadgets that still work, but for old monitors, desktops and other items the time has passed and the only thing left to do is to break the gadgets down to their base parts to be recycled.

Best Buy, which is a huge gadget recycler, has posted an inside look at the gadget recycling process. Best Buy will take pretty much any old electronic item you can think of, often for free, and recycle it with companies that meet strict regulations. The last thing you want to do is recycle a gadget that ends up shipped overseas to be broken down in unsafe and unhealthy conditions.

What Happens to Recycled Gadgets

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More about Gadget Recycling at Best Buy

One of the nice things about recycling your gadgets at Best Buy is that you can recycle items no matter where you purchased them and you don’t need to make a purchase to recycle your old electronics. You can search Best Buy’s Recycling page to find a location near you that accepts items for recycling.

Best Buy accepts items in the following categories. You can see their list of accepted items for more details about what stores will accept what.

  • TV/Video
  • DVD/Blu-Ray
  • Tivo/Internet TV
  • Home Theater
  • Audio
  • Car & GPS
  • Cameras & Camcorders
  • Computers
  • Mobile Phones & Office
  • Music, Movies & Books
  • Video Games & Gadgets
  • Home & Appliances

If you want to mail in your items, be sure to check a site like or EcoSquid to see if you can make some money off your old gear before dropping it off at Best Buy.

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