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What I’d love to see in a Tablet PC



We don’t cover Mac news much here unless it relates to the Tablet PC area, but this article from Apple Insider ( via arstechnica ) got me really thinking about a common request amongst mobile users: instantaneous boot. We are starting to see UMPCs coming out with solid-state drives (Samsung Q1 for example), but what about the slates and convertible tablet pcs out there? We’ve been around for quite some time and are desperate for attention :-)

According to Apple Insider, Apple will be releasing a subnotebook in June around WWDC that will likely feature onboard NAND flash for instantaneous booting and power-saving features.

I want nothing more out of my next tablet pc than to be able to have instant boot capabilties. With Vista eating more battery now, those solid-state drive enhancements should help there, as well. Now, OEMs, lets get cooking with some onboard solid-state drive Tablet PCs, ok? Lets don’t let Apple beat you to the punch.

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